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Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) is essential for all cooling equipment and results in substantial savings for the end user in the face of escalating energy costs and by vastly reducing the frequency of breakdowns.

Lyndhurst Services PPM packages provide a valuable tool not only in preventing breakdowns that is crucial to business critical environments but also in improving energy efficiency particularly by maintaining a systems optimum working conditions. The rewards for the end user are reduced running costs, quicker payback, and a potentially longer life for the system.

The 'Domino Effect'

When a system is neglected due to a lack of maintenance it can put a strain on individual components and the 'domino effect' begins. The 'domino effect' can lead to system failure if left unchecked.

Regular maintenance can prevent total system failures and identify potential problems before they arise and become an issue. The high cost of replacement parts plus other associated costs in returning a system to full working order can easily pay for maintenance over a five-year period.

The 'F-Gas Regulations'

"By 4th July 07, minimum requirements …shall be established…in respect of training programmes and certification for both companies and relevant personnel involved in the installation, maintenance or servicing of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment"

Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulation No.842/2006, Article 5.

Under the F-Gas Regulation, it is the responsibility of the end-user, termed the 'operator', to prevent leakage and as soon as possible repair any detected leakage. There are stiff penalties enforceable by UK courts for any end-user that do not take these obligations seriously and do not act quickly enough to known problems.

A thorough maintenance package will not only provide the benefits as described above but will also protect clients against legal action by not adhering to current and future regulations.

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